Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions displayed on the Tsars Website represent the exclusive and final agreement between you as the player and our site. The Terms also replace and unify all prior agreements and understandings between you as a player and our website regarding taking part in any gaming activities on our Website.

Tsars Casino Terms And Conditions

Introductions Definitions

These are the definitions that we use in the following terms and conditions:

  • Bonus Terms: This includes all terms and conditions at Tsars Website associated with bonuses, promotions, and special offers. They can apply to any part of the Terms and Conditions and may be modified occasionally;
  • General Terms: General Terms are all included terms and conditions on this website.
  • Refund: Refund means a reversal of the funds requested by the Player, deposited on the Player’s account, that is not used for the Services;
  • Group: All payment processes are managed by RR Invest LP, with a registered address at Office 1145 Kilmarnock Road, Glasgow, Scotland, G41, 3JA, United Kingdom;
  • Payment Processor: All deposit and withdrawal requests are processed by RR Invest LP with an address at Office 1145 Kilmarnock Road, Glasgow, Scotland, G41, 3JA, United Kingdom;
  • Privacy Policy: This means that the Operator’s privacy policy accesses from the Privacy Policy link, which is an integral part of these Terms & Conditions at Tsars Casino Website;
  • Website: The website and any other related page, or subdomain located thereof from time to time, accessible at the only domain: tsars-casino.com;
  • Rules: Rules mean the betting and game rules that apply to the specific betting or gaming type, and it’s explained in detail below;
  • Services: The operator offers the services via the Website or any other access device application from time to time;
  • Access Device: Any electronic means that can access the Website, including but not limited to laptops, smartphones, tablets, touch devices, or any other home entertainment device with internet access;
  • Supervision Institution: Curacao is the only supervision institution that regulates commercial gambling on this Website;
  • Terms of Use: Terms of Use means all General Terms and Privacy Policy where appropriate under the paragraph below, applicable Rules, Bonus Terms, and Additional Terms are valid for the Service used by You on the Website.

Lawyer reads a document

Please, read the entire section of Terms and Conditions at Tsars Website carefully before accepting them. Once you’ve accepted the terms and conditions, print them and store them somewhere safe. Note that the T&C is subject to change, as listed in one of the paragraphs below on our website.

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General Terms

  • The Terms of Service are going to be an agreement between you as the Player and the casino’s operator, and the payment processor services. All the information on the website is supplied by the provider of the services at this Website, and the company RR Investments N.V is the company that operates https://tsars-casino.com;
  • Services are provided to cardholders by RR Investment LP, founded at Office 1145, Kilmarnock Road, Glasgow, Scotland, G41 3JA, United Kingdom. In case of any inquiries and complaints, please take them to RR Investment LP and RDG Invest Ltd;
  • RR Investments RR is corporated under the laws from Antilles, Netherlands, and Curacao, and operates its regulated activities in terms of License No.8048/JAZ 2015-46;
  • RR Invest LP and RR Investments N.V along with RDG Invest entered a partnership deal where the parties have agreed that RR Invest LP and RDG Invest Ltd. will act as an agent of RR Investments N.V to promote products and services presented by RR Investments Ltd;
  • RR Invest LP or RDG Invest is entirely liable for any acts of their employees, affiliate partners, and agents. RR Invest LP and RDG Invest Ltd. as a payment processor and RR Investments N.V as operators of all terms and conditions and its referred to as tsars, tsars-casino.com;
  • The player with a registered account shall be referred to as ‘You,’ ‘Customer,’ or ‘The Player’.

Tsars Casino Terms

Changes to the Terms of Use

We may modify the Terms and Conditions every so often at the casino for many purposes. Those include (without limitation) commercial purposes, to comply with law and regulations, to observe with instructions or recommendations from the regulatory authority, or for customer reasons. The up-to-date T&C can be found from the T&C link displayed at the bottom of Tsars Website.

For minor and insubstantial changes, we may not give You notice of such modifications, and You are advised to read the Terms of Use through the Terms & Conditions on the Website regularly.

When we decide to make changes to the Terms of Use, we shall notify You of slight changes as it is reasonably practiced from one of our methods.

When there are changes to the T&C that we wish to notify You of, we will do in such an option for notification as we may, at our discretion.

If you haven’t been notified, You can find the changes on our Website.

Tsars Casino Changes

Personal Account

For You to place a bet or to start playing at Tsars Casino, You must register one account with the Operator (‘Your Account’ or ‘Account’).

In order to create an account for use with the Services, You can:

  • Click on Sign Up in the top-right corner of the Website and follow the on-screen instructions;
  • Open an account from a different method offered by the Operator from time to time;

When You’re about to open an account, You will be asked to provide Your Personal Information, including Your first name, date of birth, correct contact details, e-mail, and phone number. You can update your contact details at any time by contacting Customer Support or via the “Your Account” management link found on Tsars Website.

Finger presses the registration button ath the Tsars Casino website

In opening Your Account, you warrant that:

  • You understand and accept the risk that you might win and lose money while gambling;
  • You are 18 years or above the age at which gambling or gaming activities are legal under the law of the jurisdiction that applies to You;
  • Gambling is not illegal within your country of origin;
  • You have not been excluded from online gambling in your country;
  • You haven’t closed an account at Tsars for any reason.

Tsars Casino’s Website reserves the right to void all bonuses and free bets in case of a Duplicate Account in Your name. The account will be immediately removed from Tsars Casino, and all winnings will be removed from Your account.

By registering an account at Tsars Website, You confirm that You don’t have any problem with gambling addiction, and You have no accounts blocked due to online gambling addiction. Should You have an account blocked due to gambling addiction, You’re advised to contact the Tsars support team before making a deposit. If You make any kind of deposit without informing Us, a refund of the deposit won’t be allowed.

Sign Up form at the Tsarc Casino website


When You open an account at Tsars Casino, You must confirm that Your information is correct. You must also guarantee that You are the owner of the money that you deposit at Tsars Casino at all times.

When you make a deposit using one of the deposit options at Tsars Casino, You confirm that the payment options used for the deposit are Yours and therefore can’t be used by anyone else.

Your account can be closed if You’ve made transactions while underaged. All winnings from You will be void, and the deposit shall be returned to the used banking option. This may be accomplished only by parents and official approval of them or guardians.

The account can also be closed if You provide incorrect personal information. The casino Security Department can fix three-letter errors only in your first name/surname, but only if it’s not the first or the last letter. Therefore the account can’t be verified by the casino.

Our customer support members can check the information on Your gambling account to search for a duplicate. However, we can’t guarantee the validity of this check, as our team members cannot verify a duplicity match by name or last name.

Tsarc Casino Verification

KYC Policy

To make the Age Verification as simple as it can get, here are a few tips that you can use when sending a document:

  • Send each of the documents in a separate copy;
  • You can either scan your documents in .jpeg format or take a picture with a camera;
  • Your document must have your address on it not older than 90 days.

If you decide to take a picture, You should:

  • Make sure that the first six and the last four numbers on your payment card must be visible, along with your CVV code from the backside;
  • The image must be in focus, and everything should be readable;
  • The full photo of Your passport or ID number must be included in the shot;
  • The lighting must be clear, so we advise you not to use flash while capturing the images.

For verification purposes, you must provide the following documents:

  • passport (optional, but recommended);
  • ID Card;
  • Driving license;
  • A payment card for deposit and withdrawal (first six and last four digits to be visible, while the CVV should be hidden).

Tsars Casino KYC Policy

In order to verify Your identity to be able to make a withdrawal, you may need additional documents such as:

  • Bank statement (no less than six months old);
  • Credit Agreement;
  • Utility bill (no less than six months old, won’t be accepted if it’s not for the same country as Your residence);
  • Residence Document.

Sending your documents for verification is being made practical at Tsars Casino. In that case, Your information will be sent straight to the Tsars Website. Moreover, you can send the documents via email straight to the customer support team. Here’s a quick tip on how to send documents via email:

  • Take a photo of each document and store them, or scan and save them in .jpeg format;
  • Open the same email account that You use at Tsars Casino;
  • Create a new mail, addressed to our security team;
  • Attach the images;
  • Type down the account number or Your username in the ‘Subject’ field at the top of your message;
  • Click send.

Before you register an account at Tsars Casino, You’ll be required to provide specific data due to security reasons. This will cover:

  • Your first name and contact details, valid email address, unique to your website account;
  • Your birth date. Note that you must be at least 18 years old;
  • Your betting currency;
  • Choose a unique username, strong password and remember it.

Tsars Casino KYC procedure

Software Providers

If a certain software provider has restrictions imposed on Your country, the games by that software developer won’t be available for You as a citizen of the said country.

Each software provider has its own country restrictions. The following software providers are available at our online gambling website:

Software Provider Can Aussie players play games by the software provider?
1×2 NetworkYes
Apollo GamesYes
Asia GamingYes
Asia Live TechYes
Authentic GamingYes
Bet ConstructYes
Big Time GamingYes
Booming GamesYes
Evolution GamingYes
Extreme LiveNo
Golden RaceYes
High 5 GamesYes
Kiron InteractiveNo
Pragmatic PlayYes
Push GamingYes
Red Rake GamingYes
Relax GamingYes
Oriental GameYes
SA GamingYes
Spinola GamingYes
Tom HornYes
Vivo GamingYes
World MatchYes

The gambling library is subject to change, including the available software providers and the country restrictions for each software developer.


Each deposit at Tsars Website comes with a fixed fee of AU $1,56. As an example, if you choose to deposit AU $30, the website will charge an extra fee of AU $1,56 for the payment. The fee will be added automatically to the deposit, and the total amount is going to be AU $31,56, while the credited amount will be added to Your account as AU $30.

The same payment process will apply to all other payments You make on our website. If you decide to deposit AU $100, the same fee of AU $1,56 will apply, and You will get AU $100 on Your account, while AU $101,56 will be dedicated from your profile.

The withdrawal process from Tsars will be processed 24 hours after the KYC terms, with approval from Your profile. Note that a refund is possible if You haven’t played any games at the casino after a deposit. All withdrawal requests from Your profile are going to be treated as payouts from Your winnings, generated as a result of Services use.

Happy Man with laptop holds his credit card in hand

To request an online refund form at Tsars or to make a withdrawal, make sure to contact the customer support agents via email or through the live chat on our website. You must also provide all requested documents from the team, in order to complete the KYC terms and be able to submit a withdrawal request. If You require our contact details, feel free to click on ‘Contact Us.’ The documents You need to send to Us shall be provided by Our customer support agents via Your registered email.

Note that all refunds at Tsars will only be accepted if they are made up to 7 days after the transaction at our website.

You should note that every payment method has its own country restrictions. Moreover, if You’ve deposited using one payment method, you should use the same payment option to withdraw Your winnings.

Withdrawal requests won’t be processed if You’ve submitted false or invalid information.

Tsars isn’t responsible for any additional fees imposed by the payment method of Your choice for withdrawal or deposit transactions.

If the withdrawal fails due to a player requesting a withdrawal through a bank from another country, Tsars Website has the right to charge a fee of AU $25.

Tsars Casino withdrawing


Tsars Casino reserves the right to remove, change or add bonuses that are available on the account to any member and have not been collected. Any active Tsars bonus shall not be removed under normal circumstances. 

The casino’s website also reserves the right to prohibit any member from participating in the loyalty program, bonuses, and cashback features.

Note that some bonuses may become unavailable to You if Your account is in profit. Even if the bonuses are available on our website, You won’t be allowed to select them before a payment is made.

The bonus ‘Deposit + Free Spins’ counts as one reward, meaning that free spins cannot be separated from the other bonus in question. You may receive only one bonus for a single deposit.

If You submit a withdrawal request before you clear out the wagering requirements, your bonus amount will be forfeited. 

Your bonus amount will also be void if You don’t manage to use the bonus before it expires, even if You haven’t requested a withdrawal.

Tsars Casino Bonuses

Your Personal Information

It is Your responsibility to not share your personal information, such as your online credentials, account number, and/or any deposit/withdrawal information.

Any deposit/withdrawal activity made through Your credentials will be considered valid, even if the payment has been made by another individual you’ve shared Your personal information with.

If You notice any unauthorized access from your profile, such as unfamiliar payment transactions, deposit, and withdrawal requests, you should contact Tsars’ customer service through our online website and let us know as soon as possible.

The personal information you’ve shared with us is secured, and it will not leave our gambling website unless stated otherwise. The casino will not share your personal info when processing your withdrawal request with third parties.

Your personal information might be used for advertising purposes on our gambling website.

Tsars Casino Personal information


Tsars Website uses Cookies to track your internet usage, therefore assisting in the functionality of the website. Cookies are mini data parts stored in the browsers for a better experience while browsing a website. We use cookies for our analytical statistics to discover where Our users have experienced a problem on Our website, thus assisting us to improve the users’ experience on the website.

Suppose You object to cookies and wish to delete those that are already present on Your device. In that case, we strongly recommend following the instructions for deleting cookies and disabling future cookies to be stashed on Your internet browser.

Please note that by removing cookies from Your internet browser, You might not be able to access some features on the Tsars Casino website or even access some sections on the website.

Tsars Casino website cookies


Australian gamblers can submit complaints through our gambling website, and we’ll attend to them as soon as possible.

If You are an Australian that wants to make a complaint, You should contact Tsars’ customer service through our gambling website or by sending us an email.

Complains will not be taken into consideration if:

  • 30 days have passed since the payment transaction regarding the dispute;
  • It’s been more than 12 weeks since You have played the game provided by the software provider at our site;
  • It’s been more than 72 hours since the payment transaction;
  • You have a complaint about a withdrawal request that has not yet been requested.

For any withdrawal requests complaints, You can reach us through the live chat on our website.

If You are not satisfied with our complaint handling, you can further proceed with the complaint and send it to [email protected]

Man writes a complaint

Responsible Gaming

At our gambling website, Aussie gamblers can use the responsible gaming tools to:

  • Self-exclude themselves from any online gambling activities on our webpage;
  • Set wagering limits;
  • Set deposit and withdrawal limits;

All Australian gamblers who have an account at our gambling website should consider that gambling is meant to be entertaining. One should never think of gambling as a steady source of income and should never wager more than one can afford.

If You think you are experiencing any gambling issues, you should not hesitate to ask for professional help.

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Contact Us

You can contact us through our email at [email protected], no matter your country of residence.

Australian punters can also reach us through our phone line +1(123) 4567590. The calls might be recorded.

Australian gamblers and players from other countries can reach us through the live chat feature found on our gambling website.

Tsars Casino contacts