Tsars Casino Affiliates

We’re pleased to stand out from the crowd with our affiliate partnership, which is why we offer one of the highest numbers and biggest benefits in the industry. Here at Tsars online casino, we’ve put a lot of research and consideration into our brand concept. That’s because we feel it will resonate with Aussie players who are passionate about online gaming.

If you are ready to become an affiliate partner with us, you should know that our gaming library consists of over 3,000 games that players you bring can choose from. We’ve made sure to cover every significant aspect so that once you bring us a player, they will most likely stay and continue playing.

Another essential part is smooth payments, which is among our company’s top priorities. This is why we made sure Tsars online Casino provides the best possible services for all Australian players’ gambling activities.

Below, you can discover all the benefits you get by partnering with us, the revenue share, and how to get started.

Tsars Casino Affilates

Revenue Share, CPA or Hybrid

We have specific rules within our affiliate program, and we obey them so that all included parties are satisfied. The main product is the revenue share. If you manage to bring us enough new clients, you can get up to 60% of their lifetime deposits.

You can also opt-in with our high-payout CPA (cost per acquisition) option and get up to AU $200 with AU $20 BL.

You can also take part in our hybrid program and get the most out of our revenue share and CPA. If you have any further questions about this matter, feel free to contact us online.

Tsars Casino Revenue share

How to Join Tsars Casino Affiliates

Companies who want to become affiliate partners should fill in six segments of the form. These include Account Information, Personal Information, Business Information, Contact Information, Account Settings, and Verification.

The entire procedure is easy to go through, and you should do the following steps:

  1. Step 1: Click on the Sign-up button;
  2. Step 2: Choose your username;
  3. Step 3: Enter a strong password and confirm it;
  4. Step 4: Choose your title (Mr. Mrs. or Ms);
  5. Step 5: Enter your first name, last name, and address line;
  6. Step 6: State your town or city;
  7. Step 7: The next box will ask you to pick your state, province, or region;
  8. Step 8: Submit a Zip/postal code;
  9. Step 9: Enter your country and finish the ‘Personal Information’ segment;
  10. Step 10: Enter the name of your company, link to your website, and Tax ID (VAT ID) to complete the Business Information segment;
  11. Step 11: Enter an email;
  12. Step 12: Enter an instant messenger of your liking (Skype, MSN, Telegram, WhatsApp, Twitter, WeChat);
  13. Step 13: Enter your phone number;
  14. Step 14: Enter fax number;
  15. Step 15: Choose your preferred currency;
  16. Step 16: Preferred method of contact;
  17. Step 17: Preferred language;
  18. Step 18: And whether or not you want to receive statistics by email;
  19. Step 19: Enter the code in the Signup Verification segment;
  20. Step 20: Enter the Coupon Code.

By completing all these requirements and submitting the required information – you’ve completed the procedure.

Personal info fileds at the Tsars Casino website


The benefits of connecting the Tsars Casino partner program are endless. Initially, we will provide you with all the info and Approved Marketing Material you would need to implement the links that will bring you extra cash.

You’d be paid on a monthly basis, by the 10th of the following month, given that you’ve earned more than AU $100. In case you’ve earned less, the amount will be carried over to the next month until you reach the minimum required payout amount.

By partnering up with Tsars, you’ll be able to earn a commission fee of up to 60% as part of the revenue share program. And if you decide to go for the Cost per Action program, you can earn up to AU $200 with AU $20 BL. Our partners can combine both too!

Additionally, all Australian partners are granted trusted transaction solutions, just like the Aussie players joining our online gambling hub.

Tsars Casino Benefits

Main Terms and Conditions

The main terms and conditions of the Tsars Casino affiliate program include the qualifying conditions, our responsibilities and obligations, our rights to refuse or close partnerships, the responsibilities of our new and existing affiliates, payment conditions, and more.

In order to qualify, Tsars Casino partners need:

  • To maintain the terms of the Partnership, the authority, and the title;
  • To provide the rights granted in this Partnership and to fulfill all of its responsibilities;
  • To supply us with accurate, full, and genuine data;
  • To acquire and keep all required approvals, acquiesced licenses, and registrations in effect to carry out the responsibilities under the Partnership;
  • To carry out their responsibilities and adhere to all legal and regulatory requirements;
  • To fully comprehend and respect the terms of the contract.

Tsars Casino Main Terms

Our responsibilities include:

  • To assign a unique player tracking code to our partner;
  • To integrate the unique player tracking code into our Tsars Platform;
  • Provide a session cookie duration;
  • Prove our affiliate with all the required info to implement the advertising links;
  • Administrate the income earned through the links;
  • Document the total profits and overall sum of the commission received through the partner’s links;
  • Offer reward data to the partners;
  • Undertake customer care;
  • Pay our affiliate partners.

Tsars Casino Responsibilities

Tsars reserves the right to refuse new applications or to terminate an existing affiliate partnership if it doesn’t comply with our internal policies. Moreover, if the affiliate violates the Partnership, we might take appropriate legal action to protect our rights, including terminating the Partnership.

Some of the primary responsibilities of our partners include:

  • Utilizing the greatest endeavors to market, display, and promote Tsars in a proactive and efficient manner;
  • To advertise Tsars at their own expenses, risk, and time;
  • To fully take responsibility for the marketing efforts, including delivery, quality, validity, and etiquette;
  • To respect the relevant laws under the Partnership;
  • To be competent, qualified, and authorized.

There are several other responsibilities that all our potential affiliate partners should read and acknowledge before they apply to be part of our affiliate program. Moreover, the terms of the Agreement can be changed at any time, and a notification of the changes will be sent to our partner’s email addresses.

The full terms and conditions can be found on our website, which is dedicated to our partners.

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Popular Questions

What is the Tsars Casino affiliate program?

You’ll be able to grab a fee of up to 60% from the revenue share, get AU $200 with AU $20 by implementing CPA, or you could benefit from both.

What revenue share does Tsars Casino offer?

At Tsars, we offer our partners a revenue share of up to 60% from Net Gaming Revenue (NGR). That means that our partners get 60% of the total sales of the referral.

What payment methods are accepted by the Tsars Casino Affiliates program?

We can process payments to our partners through Neteller, Skrill, Bank Wire Transfer, EcoPayz, and Bitcoin.